Precum Anxiety: Most people know the concept of ejaculation as the release of semen. But, in some cases, another type of fluid is released from the penis prior to ejaculation.

This is known as precum. Precum is a fluid that is released when a man becomes aroused. It is considered to be similar to the concept of salivating when seeing food.

But those who do not understand the concept of precum, often mistake it with semen. Some may even worry about precum leading to the spreading of STDs and leading to pregnancies.

So, let’s take a look at everything you need to understand about precum and the risks it involves.

What is Actually Precum?

Precum is a clear fluid that is released from the penis when a man is sexually aroused. This fluid is also referred to as pre-seminal fluid or pre-ejaculatory liquid. Precum is often confused with semen as it looks similar. But in spite of the similarities, there are multiple differences.

Where Does Precum Come From?

One of the biggest differences between precum and semen is that precum is formed in the penis whereas the sperm found in semen is from the testes. Precum is formed in the Cowper’s glands and the Glands of Littre.

What Purpose Does it Serve?

The name commonly used ‘precum’ is often misleading. After all the word ‘cum’ is used to mean ejaculation in men. It is often characterized as the process where men release sperm.

But the glands that reproduce and release precum produce fluids that serve more as a natural lubricant made of enzymes and mucus, rather than sperm.

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

Sadly not much research has been done into the effect of transmission of preseminal fluids leading to pregnancy. But, most health clinics will suggest that precum can lead to pregnancy.

Some studies show that precum does have a small amount of semen in it. Even though precum is made up of enzymes and mucus, it is possible for the fluid to get contaminated with semen.

This is because both semen and precum both pass through the urethra. According to a study done to check the sperm content in precum, 41% of participants produced precum fluid that had sperm.

So, if you do not want an unplanned pregnancy, then use contraceptives during intercourse.

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How To Deal With The Anxiety of Precum?

Most men fear ejaculating too fast. This also includes releasing precum too soon. It can be stressful especially when you do not want to get someone pregnant or transmit STDs.

So, here are some ways you can deal with the anxiety of releasing precum too soon.

1. What is The Purpose of Precum?

If you are still unsure about the difference between semen and precum, then one of the first steps is to educate yourself. It is difficult to deal with the fear of the unknown.

So, try to understand what is precum and why it helps during sexual intercourse. This way you will not be anxious or stressed out about it.

2. So, What is The Difference Between Semen and Precum?

Understanding the difference between precum and semen will help alleviate any stress. First of all, the ejaculation of semen can be controlled.

You know when you are going to release. But with precum, it is an involuntary action. You cannot plan when it will happen. So, it is better to understand how the two differ to help reduce anxiety.

3. How To Reduce Risks?

If you are scared about transmitting precum or getting someone pregnant, then it is best to take the necessary steps to reduce the risks.

Start by getting regular checkups for STDs, and use contraceptives when engaging in intercourse.

Using protection such as condoms can reduce the risk of precum and let you get more intimate moments with your partner.

4. Talk To Your Doctor

If you are still anxious about precum and getting your partner pregnant, then it is best to talk to a doctor.

You may need to see a mental health professional who can help you deal with the anxiety and stress you feel when it comes to ejaculation of precum.

5. Are There Any Other Risks Other Than Pregnancy When it Comes To Precum?

One major risk that is often associated with precum is the spread of STDs. STDs are often spread when there are multiple partners involved who have unprotected sex.

STDs affect 1 in 5 people in the USA. Just like preventing unplanned pregnancies, condoms can be used to reduce the spread of STDs.

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It is important to understand that precum and semen are two different entities. Precum is actually created in the Cowper’s gland whereas sperm found in semen is created in the testes.

The transfer of precum in some cases, can lead to unplanned pregnancies or the spread of STDs. Which is why it is best to use protection during sexual intercourse.

If you are still anxious about precum and the consequences of ejaculation, then talk to your partner and medical advisor.

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FAQ [ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Here are some frequently Googled questions on Precum Anxiety:

1. Can Precum Lead To Pregnancies?

Even though precum does not contain any semen, it can be contaminated with semen because it passes through the same urethra. So, there is a high chance of an unplanned pregnancy happening from precum.

2. Can Condoms Prevent The Transfer of Precum?

Yes, condoms can reduce the chance of transfer of precum to your partner. It can also reduce the chance of unplanned pregnancies, and transmission of STDs.

Can The ‘Pull Out’ Method Stop The Transfer of Precum?

No, the pull-out method cannot stop the transfer of precum. Even if you withdraw before you ejaculate, precum does contain some semen as it uses the same urethra. So, use a condom to prevent the transfer of precum.

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