These days, people are quite conscious of how they look and feel inside out. This fact is evident from the rising number of gyms and body-building products available in the market. That said, there are people quite worried about their hip dips.

Are you one of them? Well, this article aims to clarify the buzz going on with the hip dents or violin hips.

What Is A Hip Dip?

Hip dips are defined as the presence of a slight indentation on either side of the external thigh, resulting in the appearance of an inward dip at the apex of the thigh and beneath the hips.

Some people refer to hip dips as “violin hips” because of the shape they give to the midsection, which may look similar to the outer curves of a violin.

While the origin of the term “hip dips” is unclear, experts say it is neither a medical term nor a real condition.

Why Do Hip Dips Occur?

Hip dips are more or less determined by genetics and the curvature and curvature of the hip bones (or the pelvis and upper part of the femur).

Hip dips are a completely natural feature of the human body due to the curvature of the pelvis.

While not everyone will experience hip dips, if we were reduced to skeletal form, we would all have an indentation at the point where the hip bone intersects with the upper thigh.

Is It Possible To Remove Hip Dips Completely?

Since hip dips are due to the bony structure of the body, muscle building and fat loss won’t eliminate them.

So there’s no “fix” for hip dips or filling in the indentation, according to the experts.

There’s no diet or exercise program that can fix hip dips, regardless of what you see on the internet.

The experts also point out that spot training (also known as spot reduction) isn’t always effective for any area of the body.

We are not a strong advocate of spot reduction.

You can perform as many exercises in one area as you wish, however, your body will determine the shape of that area based on its anatomical structure or the location of your weight.

However, if that’s what you’re looking for, there are other ways to sculpt and tone your hips and thighs.

For example, you can create an overall “rounder” or a “larger” or “muscle-strengthened” glute to create a new look there.

Additionally, you can add muscle mass to your lower body.

The experts also point out that strengthening the muscles surrounding hip dips, including the gluteal and hamstring muscles, has other advantages.

Hip strengthening is an essential component of any discussion of back, knee, and hip pain they often add.

Hip strength can also be beneficial for basic strength exercises, running, and overall fitness.

How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips?

As already stated earlier, you can perform specific exercises that will overall work on your muscles.

This will not completely remove your hip dips.

However, they might be toned down with the help of these exercises if done on a regular basis.

The following are some of the exercises you might find helpful to restructure your hip curves.

Top Cardio Exercises For Overall Fat Loss

If you’re looking to shed those extra pounds and improve your cardiovascular fitness, consider incorporating these effective cardio exercises into your workout routine:

1. Jogging

Jogging might not be as fast as running, but it’s still great for your health. Here’s how to get the most out of your jogging workout.

(a) While running, keep your body in proper alignment, work your core, and keep your eyes forward.

(b) Don’t tilt your head down and don’t drop your shoulders.

(c) Open up your chest and hold it high as you pull your shoulders back and down.

(d) Try to keep your hands relaxed and swing your arms freely. Don’t cross them in front of you.

(e) To avoid lower body injuries, use a midfoot strike and avoid heel strikes, as they can slow your stride and stress your knees.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are considered a great cardio exercise that targets major muscle groups through resistance and aerobic exercises, ensuring complete body activation.

(a) The starting step involves standing in a straight position with feet together, arms extended, hands by sides, and toes pointed forward.

(b) Perform a rapid knee bend, jump feet to the body’s sides, swing arms, and raise them above your head, ensuring all actions are done simultaneously.

(c) Reverse the pattern after landing and return to your starting position with arms by your side and feet together.

(d) Perform 10 to 100 repetitions for six sets, maintaining proper posture and avoiding slouching or twisting your toes outward.

3. Jump Squats

This is a really cool dynamic power movement that you should only do after you’ve done a full warm-up.

(a) Get up on your knees with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent.

(b) Get down on your hands and knees and lower yourself to a full-body squat.

(c) Engage quads, glutes, and hamstrings to propel the body up and off the floor, extending through legs, ensuring feet are a few inches off the floor.

(d) Perform an explosive jump by descent and control your landing by going through your foot and then descending into the squat for another jump.

4. Walking On An Incline Or Treadmill

If you’re looking for the best way to lose weight, incline treadmill walking is the way to go. It’s an easy way to make your treadmill workout more intense and burn more calories.

(a) Start by getting warmed up. Go for 5 minutes of walking on a flat treadmill at 2 mph.

(b) Set the incline to 1%. Run for 1 minute at a pace of 4 to 6 mph.

(c) Push the incline up by 1% every minute, and keep going until you get to 8 to 10%.

(d) Then switch to the other side. Every minute, reduce the slope by 1%. Do this until you’re between 0% and 1%.

(e) Take a walk of 5 minutes at 2 mph to cool down.

5. Other Strength Exercises For Toned Lower Body

(a) Bridges

(b) Hip thrust

(c) Lunges

(d) Romanian deadlift

(e) Side lunges

(f) Side-lying leg lift

(g) Squats

(h) Standing leg lifts to the side

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Social Media And Body Consciousness

Experts warn that hip dips may not harm your body but can negatively impact your mental health if you become obsessed with them.

They also warn that social media can perpetuate unrealistic expectations about physical fitness and appearance. 

A good percentage of people search for “what are hip dips” and find references about other people suffering from body consciousness.

They argue that anyone can post photos claiming to have achieved results through exercise or diet, but it’s impossible to determine if these results were due to surgery, photoshopping, or lighting.

The widespread use of cosmetic surgery has led to distorted body image and body shaming on the internet.

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