Giving To Golisano Children's Hospital

We use cookies to help us improve the website and your experience using it. You may delete and block all cookies from this site at any time. Some community members will donate these items as individuals and others will get together with a group (school, church, work, etc.) to complete a larger project. Parents should spend as much time as they want with their child in hospital. If you can stay with your child, let them know that you'll be there with them.

Services like Inkshares combine the crowdfunding approach with publishing services, providing design, printing, and distribution (and 50% royalties) to Children's books about hospitals that meet their preorder goals. Below are a few suggested books that might help your child see this world through another child's eyes.

To improve the quality of life for children while they are hospitalized for any reason, for any length of time, by sending them books and other related items in the hopes of letting them know they are loved and being thought about during this trying time in their lives.

Include the whole family in discussions about the impending hospital stay, and encourage your child to ask questions. Our closed circuit TV broadcasts television programming chosen especially for the educational and entertainment needs of patients and families.

Books, magazines and toys all help our patients pass time during their recovery and allows them the simple enjoyment of having fun and being a kid. This is not because they have been 'spoilt' in hospital, but because going to hospital and being ill is very stressful, and also because they are usually not fully well.

This activity book is an invaluable resource used to distract and engage our children while they are undergoing medical and emergency treatments in traumatic situations. Only NEW toys and books are accepted due to infection control here at the hospital. Regardless of why these children are in the hospital, most children do not enjoy being confined to one room or bed all day.

Scattered throughout the book are highlighted facts, definitions of medical words (as well as their pronunciation), and some very useful explanations of related medical topics-including IVs, otoscopes, the reason for not eating before surgery, and a description of who anesthesiologists are and what they do. Ages 3-8.